Sunday, 23 March 2014

Is that abs I can see?

YES IT IS!! Don't worry I'm not posting any selfies! But I can see the faintest glimmer of abs in the mirror which is really encouraging to see and obviously I want to see them all now, but I won't be changing my food intake for a cut just yet as I have literally just adjusted my macros and there's no point in changing them for at the very least four weeks so I know that I have got my calories consistent I'm on a Leangains slow bulk +30%/-10% that's 30% more calories on top of my total daily energy expenditure [TDEE] on days I work out and 10% less on rest days.

Here is the calculator I used and for the past few weeks I have been sticking to the calories and macros, mainly concerning myself with hitting the ~200 grams of protein intake per day, I know that seems like a 50 g too much protein a day as most sources for this sort of thing will say 1-1.5 g of protein per kg where I'm doing lore like 2 g per kg. I'm sticking with what the calculator says for now, but as you can see from the first paragraph I'm seeing results!

It's confusing though as my weight seems pretty static I have lost around my waist; my work trousers are bunched around my waist with my belt on the last notch, I had my first "wow, you've lost weight" comment yesterday, which I was quite confused by because I have been around the same weight now for months, averaging around 94 kg from December 2013 to now, it may be the body re-composition as my legs are noticeably bigger now.

I measured my body fat percentage this morning too I have used a four skin fold measurement system where you have fat callipers and measure several different parts of your body; my measurements > Tricep 2 mm, Thigh 15 mm, Abdomen [two inches to the side of belleh button] 18 mm and Suprailiac [just above your hip bone on your side] 4 mm add the four measurements together and divide that by four = 9.75 then compare it against a chart

Depending on what chart you look at determines your body fat percentage, I looked at a few on line with varying results so just used the chart I got with the callipers, it shows me at 14.8 body fat, I have an android app that shows me @ 10.76% I have entered the same measurements in there several times with the same result, if I were at 10% BF I'd be expecting to see a little more than an outline of some abs! Every time I have had to guess my BF percentage I'd say ~20% so I'm pretty happy with 15% and can set goals from that, I suppose the next milestone for me would be 10% from what I hear though getting to that level is pretty difficult.

One thing I haven't done yet is use a tape measure, I should really start logging that information to help gauge progress because I'm sure you can tell using scales isn't the best indication, I have now decided to take the average of my three weigh ins on workout days to get a better indication of weight as water retention and dehydration can cause quite a swing on the scales

Thank you squats thank you deadlifts that you benchpress' thank you bent over barbell rows thank you overhead press, I will continue my worship to Brodin on the Iron Path, wheymen!

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