Monday, 4 August 2014

2014 Goals revisited

Back in March I set some goals, some pretty unrealistic goals really. 

Here they are:

All in the 4-6 reps range:
Squat @ BW * 1.75 = ~165 kg
Deadlift @ BW * 1.75 = ~165 kg
Bench Press @ BW * 1.35 ~127.5

Overhead Press @ BW * 1.0 94 kg

Now on paper and to my nob of a ego this looked easy, but in reality it is hard, really hard!

I'm not making excuses for myself just facing up to facts. One of the guys on kindly pointed out that the weights in my goals are that of advanced lifters, not beginners like me. So I thought it would make sense to adjust them to something more in line with the standards set out on 

Here are the adjusted numbers:
Squat: 135 kg
Bench Press: 82.5 kg
OHP: 70 kg

Deadlift: 160 kg

Now my current stats are still a way off of these numbers, here they are:

Squat: 107.5 kg x5 reps
Bench Press: 65 kg x9 reps
OHP: 50 kg x3 reps

Deadlift: 150 kg x5 reps

So as you can see I haven't made a great deal of progress since March, which is quite depressing, but I'm not too far off on some of them theoretically, like my deadlift using the one rep max calculator or the one rep max calculator my 1RM for deadlift around 170 kg and the same with my bench press comes in around 83 kg, so not all bad, really.

My training since my last blog post has changed twice from a bastardised 5x5 routine [F'nP] to Reverse Pyramid Training, I had to stop with 5x5 as my poor widdle legs were just not recovering from squatting three time a week so I changed to two time with eh F'nP but my legs were still suffering so I switched to RPT style training which I have seen really good progress in for the short time I have been doing it, my deadlift has gone from 130 kg to 150 kg where I was stalling on it with the 5x5 routine

I'll try update more on the training side of things and other stuff I have been up to, but for now I thought I'd update on where I am with my goals so far. 

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