Friday, 14 March 2014

My Goals 2014

Something I haven't really thought too much about since I started lifting in September last year is goals, now I know it’s a bit late to be setting goals a quarter into the year but better late than never I suppose. 

There’s probably a ton of people looking at this thinking well how do you expect to achieve anything if you don't set any goals??!! Well I didn't or haven't, until now, I think when I first started out I just wanted to get stronger, that is still my main focus now [with an unbelievable amount of fussing over the most minute things in the process] but now that I'm part way through my strength training I'm thinking about what to do 'after' I grow up to be big and strong.

Next week I'll be commencing week eight of my StrongLifts 5x5 programme my current stats are:

Squat 100 kg
Bench Press 60 kg
Overhead Press 40 kg
Barbell Row 72.5 kg
Deadlift 120 kg

Reverse Pyramid Training is what I want to be doing eventually, mainly because it's a lot less sets than what I'm currently doing with a lot higher intensity, I don't want to be spending hours in the gym doing a ton of routines. But I do want to make sure that I have made suitable progress with the StrongLifts 5x5 protocol before to progress strength wise and build muscle. But to do RPT this I need to have a solid strength foundation before I can start with this style of training, so with a bit of guidance from the awesome +Mike Matthews I've come up with this:

All in the 4-6 reps range:
Squat @ BW * 1.75 = ~165 kg
Deadlift @ BW * 1.75 = ~165 kg
Bench Press @ BW * 1.35 ~127.5
Overhead Press @ BW * 1.0 94 kg

If I keep progressing at the same rate I should be up to these numbers toward the end of May 2014 It's only my pushes that are falling behind and this is also assuming that I don't put on any weight!

Here’s the posts relating to RPT from the man himself Martin Berkhan and also from Andy Morgan of the awesome

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