Thursday, 13 March 2014

I was doing it wrong!

For the last four weeks I have been doing Leangains wrong!!

As I thought it was you worked out your total calories you needed then cycled carbs and fat depending if you were training or resting, my caloric intake is meant to be 20% lower on rest days!! I should have RTFM a little better!!

I stumbled across my error quite by accident when I was messing around on my android phone and discovered there was a Leancalc app for calculating your Leangains macros and calories, imagine my surprise when I saw there were two amounts for calories; workout days and rest days. is a great resource with a ton of information I have found really useful and also theres a great FAQ on if you are interested in losing viceral and stubborn fat then take a look at these and learn.

Off of the back of discovering that I was basically on a bulk for the last four weeks I decided to read up a bit more on Leangains again this time from both and ripped body have some great articles on LG nutrition I'll link at the bottom here.

One thing to note however is that my weight has remained pretty static at around 93 kg over the last four weeks so I'm not entirely sure if the additional calories has had any real detrimental effect so far.

From Wednesday 5th March I have been eating the right amount of calories and macros, my weight then 94.3 kg which is irrelevant really and the only indication will be my body fat percentage which I did with a four site skin fold test the other day, which I'm also pretty unsure about to be honest as my BF % come out at 13%, at lease I have something to measure against now in a months time after some 'ahem' correct leangains style fasting.

Here's the posts I had a good read through of and would recommend anyone else interesting in Leangains does so too

The Nutritional Hierarchy of Importance – #1 Calories
The Nutritional Hierarchy of Importance – #2 Macros, Fibre & Alcohol
The Nutritional Hierarchy of Importance – #3 Micronutrients & Water
The Nutritional Hierarchy of Importance – #4 Meal Timing & Frequency, Calorie & Macro Cycling
The Nutritional Hierarchy of Importance – #5 Supplements

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