Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lean Lifting

lean lifting, just something I thought I'd start on here where I can keep a log of what I'm learning whilst trying to live longer and get stronger.

What I'm putting in here are my findings and what I have learned I have no educational or professional background in any of this so this is basically just another guy talking crap on the internet as there's no scientific research to back up my claims.

I'm experimenting with myself. What I'm doing here is just for me, I'm sharing it with you so you have a little bit more information to go with the information already out there

I'm aiming for a body re-composition after being a skinny fat guy for the last ten years or so, just skinny before then. The main focus is lifting heavy weights to gain lean muscle mass

A little more on my background, I'm a 37 year old male 193 cm tall and weigh 94 kg [at the time of writing this] and up until recently I was happily living my life carefree but recently started getting concerned for my health and the possible onset of type ii diabetes.

So last year I decided to start a fasting diet, now I love my food and the concept of not eating was entirely alien but I tried the 5:2 diet back in April 2013 at that time I was 105 kg toward the end of September of that year I weighed 96 kg by the beginning of November I was down to 92.4 kg and getting concerned about it so thought about adding muscle instead of fat.

So after an email exchange with an old colleague he introduces me to the StrongLifts 5x5 program a strength building program for beginners, this is what I have been doing now since November last year and I learned a great deal from Medhi's site, just enough for me to decide that I didn't need to pay ~£15 a month to join his gated community :)

Since then my weight has stayed pretty much static but I have gained a lot of strength

Now I know just changing my diet isn't going to guarantee I won't get type ii diabetes but it is on step toward helping my overall health.

Another thing I have found recently is more muscle helps improve blood sugar control, maybe I'll leave this to another post like most of the stuff I have covered in this initial post which may seem like a bit of a ramble but you have to start somewhere, right

Great resources that have helped me no end:

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